Fractured Monotone Giraffe Nails

I’m kind of a boss when it comes to nails. Despite looking incredibly sick, nail stamping is actually so easy to do that I try out a different design almost every week!  All you have to do is paint your nails whatever colour you want for the base coat, let it dry completely, and then stamp right on top!

You can order a nail stamper from amazon here: KONAD Nail Stamper
And here’s a whole set of Stamping plates you can get!

The link above is for an awesome Bundle Monster brand set I’ve had my eyes on. I’ve tried MASH brand plates before and can definitely vouch for their good quality. As with anything, practice makes perfect. You’ll quickly learn which polishes work best for stamping and which to avoid.

BrenClothes-59 BrenClothes-60x. bren
ps: aren’t my mother’s hybrid tea roses just lovely???

[hand model: bren]
[photography: tab]

Corduroy Jeans > Backpack DIY

When I mentioned in my last post about my corduroy backpack you had to know this post was coming. Believe it or not, this awesome backpack is actually made from my mother’s jeans!  The jeans didn’t fit me and I just had to do something with them because I thought that the corduroy was super sick and needed to be used.  I did some research and found an awesome video that shows how to cut out all the pieces and put everything together!  Click here to watch!


To create this backpack, you’ll need a sewing machine or some massive hand-sewing skills and a couple days to actually hand-sew it. (I don’t recommend hand-sewing…) You’ll also need a zipper and thread.


I like to wear this backpack as another form of a purse, I’m not really a fan of purses.  So really, I wear it everywhere even if it totally clashes with my outfit!  I mean, why not?  I took the time to make it, why not wear it as often as I can?

BrenClothes-28The purple corduroy is weirdly soft and great. Here’s to hoping your mom has an equally sick pair of weird pants you can make a totally functional backpack out of!

x. bren

[model: bren]
[photography: tab]

Ripping Jeans and Bleaching Tees

Over the course of a few weeks, I’ve decided to customize my own clothes.  These clothes range from ripped jeans and shorts to even bleached t-shirts and a corduroy backpack!

The ripped jeans are something that I have been trying to master for a while.  The first couple pairs that I ripped didn’t look as nice as these do to be completely honest.

To start, you’ll want to make small, very straight horizontal rips in the denim. If you don’t do them right, you’ll end up with weird empty holes with only a little bit of strings going across.  The trick is to cut the strips as straight as you can.  In the picture, you can tell where some of my strips were cut, thats where there is a little bit of space between the white strings (where my skin shows through.)BrenClothes-4

I recommend starting with small rips, then trying bigger ones.  The small rips may be a little bit trickier because your hands are only so small, and they are harder to control, but you don’t want to mess up on a really big rip and ruin your jeans.

It is also recommended that you buy your jeans at a thrift shop, that way if you mess up, it won’t be on a pair of your favourite jeans.  Most jeans at a thrift shop are about $5 so it won’t be much of a financial loss if it doesn’t work out.

BrenClothes-5The jean shorts!  I love these shorts because of their high-waisted look.  The rips on the legs are done the same way as the jeans and are super easy.  The fringe at the bottom is made in a similar way to the rips, only you cut the strips vertically and take out all the white strings instead of the blue strings.


These jeans originally came from my moms stash of old clothes and are pretty comfy (other than the fact that I’m not used to the waist being so high!)  But it’s super easy to cut the legs right off and then fringe them up at the bottom.


Next up is my bleached t-shirt.  I’m totally in love with this shirt and wear it all the time!  The funny thing about this shirt, is that it really didn’t want to bleach.  The bleach kept on rolling right off the shirt instead of absorbing into the fabric.  It was super strange! Our best guess was that it had a “sizing” in the fabric to keep it clean while it was in the store. I recommend washing it before bleaching to avoid this problem.


Finally, after some efforts, we got the bleach to stay anyway.  I was trying to use a dripping method so that it would have drip marks on it, but since the fabric was being difficult, it gave a totally different look than I thought!


The shirt also bleached so much in some spots, that it created small holes, but I think it gives it a cool look.  The holes aren’t big enough to see through the shirt, so it looks kind of grunge-ish if you will.

BrenClothes-49x. bren

[model: bren]
[photography: tab]