Linnaeus Cowl

Haaaaaaave you met Kemper? Typical-1She’s the lady boss behind Junkyarn and she blogs, vlogs, and writes patterns!

She casually mentioned to me one day (since we’re totally friends irl) that she was searching for test knitters for a new cowl she was designing so of course I jumped on that in a hot second!LinnaeusCowlonTab-2The cowl features eyelets, lattice tiers, and a sassy picot edge that will definitely make your heart skip a beat!LinnaeusCowlTab-4She just launched the pattern this morning so if you’re anything like me, you’re whippin out needles and casting on before you even finish looking at all these pretty pictures I sorted so aesthetically for you!LinnaeusCowlonTab-1LinnaeusCowlTab-2The pattern is Linnaeus, named after the dude who invented Binomial Nomenclature. She was inspired by the super rad picot edge and it’s resemblance of a sea anemone. (Somehow “Anemone” didn’t quite capture the elegance and sophistication of the cowl!)LinnaeusCowlonTab-3 Knit up using almost an entire ball of Kenzie Hikoo a New Zealand Merino blend with angora, silk and alpaca! (yum!)   LinnaeusCowlTab-6If you’re local, Kamille’s at Gardener Village carries all the good colors at the best price I’ve seen. You can also get it at Wasatch & Wool in Park City (which is essentially the prettiest yarn store in the prettiest city and definitely worth the drive).LinnaeusCowlTab-3LinnaeusCowlonTab-5And here’s one last shot of my face in case you can’t remember what it looks like. I wanna say a sweet thanks to my awesome husband for tolerating my silly faces long enough to get some CLASS A photos of me wearing this cowl all casually like we didn’t just pull over on the side of the road moments before the sun went down getting weird looks from an elderly couple walking their dog like RIGHT BY US SERIOUSLY THERE’S A WHOLE PARK HERE GO AWAY.

And thanks to darling Kemper for letting me test knit for her and for thinking I’m cool enough to hang out with her and letting me post that photo I took of her looking 110% classy at our friend’s INCREDIBLE North Carolina wedding.

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[photography: tab + husband]
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