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Let’s be completely candid. We all know the “About” page is where all the deep-dish gossip goes, so here’s the skinny:

Tab married her awesomely nerdy (and deeply handsome) husband when she was 18 despite his raging feline allergies. She gets by without her cats with a little help from her sister (Bren) who sends her cat snaps daily. DAILY.
She owns her own wedding and portrait photography business out of SLC. She’s a hardcore knitter and spinner and uses her sewing machine to refashion men’s tees into super-soft fitted women’s tees. For Tab, this blog will be an outlet for displaying ongoing craft projects, pretty pictures, and oxford commas.

Bren is the literal definition of cool. She carefully curates her own personal style by shopping at goodwill and taking sandpaper to her jeans. She is well-versed in music you don’t listen to yet and she knows how to get stuff done. She’s a henna tattoo wizard and makes baco-lacto-ovo-vegetarianism* look legit. Here you’ll find DIY projects, music recommendations, polaroids, and plants.

So… feel free to pull up a chair and relish in our awesomeness. Or don’t. It’s your call.

*Vegetarian that consumes dairy, eggs, and bacon. (totally a thing)

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