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When I mentioned in my last post about my corduroy backpack you had to know this post was coming. Believe it or not, this awesome backpack is actually made from my mother’s jeans!  The jeans didn’t fit me and I just had to do something with them because I thought that the corduroy was super sick and needed to be used.  I did some research and found an awesome video that shows how to cut out all the pieces and put everything together!  Click here to watch!


To create this backpack, you’ll need a sewing machine or some massive hand-sewing skills and a couple days to actually hand-sew it. (I don’t recommend hand-sewing…) You’ll also need a zipper and thread.


I like to wear this backpack as another form of a purse, I’m not really a fan of purses.  So really, I wear it everywhere even if it totally clashes with my outfit!  I mean, why not?  I took the time to make it, why not wear it as often as I can?

BrenClothes-28The purple corduroy is weirdly soft and great. Here’s to hoping your mom has an equally sick pair of weird pants you can make a totally functional backpack out of!

x. bren

[model: bren]
[photography: tab]

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