‘Merica Bracelets

I thought it’d be super patriotic and fun to make a pair of bracelets inspired by the US flag to wear for the 4th this year. I opted for two separate bracelets instead of one so I could wear them independently as well.mericabracelets-1mericabracelets-5The red candy-stripe one is begging to go with a bright green for Christmas.mericabracelets-7mericabracelets-3The blue lattice braid looks like stars in this set, but also works as a simple polka dot bracelet in a nautical set or snowflakes for winter <3mericabracelets-8mericabracelets-4 I guess the nice thing about patriotism is that it never really goes out of season!mericabracelets-6mericabracelets-9Happy 4th, friends! <3 Hoping you get to enjoy lots of juicy watermelon, tasty grilled meats, fireworks, and family.

x. tab
ps: We’ve been playing with the idea of selling bracelets and bracelet sets on etsy. Leave us a line in the comments if this is something you’d wanna see <3

[model: bren]
[photography: tab]

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