Spinning Roving into Yarn

Last August I had the awesome opportunity to teach a photography class at the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. My students were awesome and my class was really successful! To reward myself for my efforts I did a little shopping 😀

One of my favorite things to buy at fiber festivals is mini braids of roving. I love testing out colorways and working with different fibers and dyers. The mini braids spin up quickly and are a low-commitment, low-risk spinning fix. (What risk? haha, mostly just the risk that your ply explodes and you did all that work for a tangled web of regret, that’s all)

I treated myself to two mini braids (among other things) from a local dyer, Sugarhouse Woolworks, and was so excited to start spinning them!

I photographed each major stage with the intent to put together a photo showcasing the process. I chose to navajo ply my singles to keep the colors together. Check it out! (Before, during, and after)
rovingtoyarn-1rovingtoyarn-4rovingtoyarn-6rovingtoyarn-5IMG_4107x. tab

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