Twin Braided Cable Beanie

The night before my flight to Oakland to shoot my first destination wedding I frantically knit up a beanie.

The original purpose of said beanie was twofold

1. Use up scrap yarn
2. Make something to cover up my inch of regrowth (see below)

I’ve always been a fool for cables and after about an hour of searching for the perfect pattern I finally decided to just make up my own.

Some might describe me as a fearless knitter.

(Yes, that’s totally going on my resume)

I measured the circumference of my head skull and some mighty math took place.

I’m in the process of drafting up a pattern to share on Ravelry, but for now, enjoy this awesome mug of my cute sissa.image

x. tab

[model: bren]
[photography: tab]

PS: Here’s that regrowth-fixing hat in action 😉
photo (1)

4 thoughts on “Twin Braided Cable Beanie

    1. Haha thanks! and yes! I edited it to add the lovely photo of my dark roots being magically fixed with the addition of a hat! This was over a year ago. Since then I’ve adopted an ombre style that blends it better than the bleach did!

  1. Thanks for the explanation! I was picturing you having shaved off some of your long, beautiful hair. 🙂

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